Pearson has been around since 1927. Due to the long-lasting life of Ben Pearson products, there are a lot of older bows and part still out there. Start with our online catalogs for more information on older bows. 

Below is our Customer order form. Call in/email options are also available to place orders. 

If you are in need of assistance for parts,  the best place to find out what part you need is with our customer service.  Below is a part order form if you already know what part you are in need of. 

*NOTE: We do not have many older parts for any of the older bows prior to 2014, please call/email customer service.


Pearson Owners Manual 

For Repairs please call our office at 704-774-1685 to receive a vaild RA#.  A Valid Return Authorization Number is required or the order will be returned at once. 

Customer Support 

Pearson archery is unable to warranty any products prior to 2014. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. New owners did not receive parts/information on older bows